The Great Food Experiment

Today officially began The Great Food Experiment I have embarked on with Fresh Fork Market ( for the next 22 weeks. Having fresh veggies, cheese and wheat bread on hand is motivation to consume them while at their peak of freshness.  My sister-in-law is visiting for a few days and loves to eat healthy foods, so I knew she would be willing to try anything I cooked. So here is where my food journey took me today:

Breakfast:  Vanilla yogurt with some fresh strawberries (both from FFM), along with a piece of wheat toast lightly buttered. I have to tell you, the wheat bread I purchased from the Fresh Fork Market truck on a whim yesterday is by far the softest, most flavorful wheat bread I have ever tasted!  Some wheat breads can be dense and a bit chewy, which is not my preference in breads. The ingredients for this bread are amazingly simple. I have a feeling this will become a regular on my weekly list.??????????????????????????????? The vanilla yogurt from Fresh Fork was delicious also.

Lunch:  Since the weather was a bit cooler today, it provided the perfect opportunity to try a soup recipe. I knew I needed to use the kale but didn’t see my family eating this in a salad just yet. So I found a recipe at ( called Two-Bean Soup with Kale.  This ???????????????????????????????took about 30 minutes of prep time, including chopping the veggies, but I could begin cooking the soup while I was chopping, so it didn’t seem to take long at all. This vegetarian soup was filling and flavorful, though next time I would add a little more garlic and a bit more herbs for seasoning. I also ended up with about a quart of leftovers which will store well in the freezer. (By the way, I had a piece of that yummy wheat bread for lunch too!)

Dinner: Our plans changed for Friday evening, so I made the pizza tonight. I made a homemade pizza crust using the Betty Crocker pizza crust recipe I have used for years-only I added 1 cup of the whole wheat flour that came in my FFM bag yesterday. After baking only the crust for about 7 minutes, I removed it from the oven and brushed it with a little olive oil. I had already opened my jar of roasted cherry tomatoes and pureed ???????????????????????????????about 1/2 the jar for a little bit of sauce, which I spread sparingly over the olive oiled crust. Next I sprinkled it with the fresh mozzarella I got yesterday, which I had shredded. Then I spooned the remaining un-pureed roasted cherry tomatoes on top of the cheese, added a touch of freshly ground pepper and topped it off with some fresh basil and oregano from my garden. After baking it for seven more minutes,we were pulling out this gourmet-looking pizza, feeling like we were eating at an expensive pizza place.  Oh what fun!

I am not sure all of my recipe attempts in my Great Food Experiment will be this successful, but at least it was a good Day #1 – and I’m already looking forward to seeing what will be in my Fresh Fork Market bag next week!

About Deb Ashley

At home, Deb is the wife of Mark and mom of three adult children. She enjoys cooking, taking care of a small but somewhat productive garden, feeding the local community of birds and other assorted critters, and taking naps with her dog Mandy. Her passions include teaching, writing and music. In the community, Deb enjoys working alongside her husband in his role as a pastor. She is involved in teaching and encouraging women from all walks of life through book studies, counseling, and speaking opportunities.
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