The Danger of Being an Expert

A devastating earthquake hit the country of Haiti a few years ago .   The loss of life was staggering, the degree of need was overwhelming, the magnitude of long-term impact impossible to comprehend.  Images poured off TV screens and flooded the Internet…unforgettable faces, scenes, destruction.  Though I have never been to Haiti, though I did not know one person among the myriad of faces I saw,  my heart ached for those who, just like me, got out of bed that morning expecting to live another normal day but found their lives forever changed.

Time ticked by while rescue workers scoured  building after building, pile after rocky pile, hoping for signs of life.   Randomly someone would find a person alive and rescue personnel would rush to the scene.  Such joy and rejoicing!  I couldn’t help but think of Jesus’ story of the lost sheep or the lost coin and the rejoicing that occurs in heaven when one lost soul is found.

One story of rescue particularly caught my attention.   An infant child, maybe 18 months old, was trapped in a cavern formed by fallen debris.   Between the rescuers and this child three or four dead bodies lay on the ground.   The layers of building material were precarious, the danger of collapse constantly on everyone’s mind.  But still the infant cried.

Experts gathered around, examining the debris pile and contemplating what  needed  to be done to secure the safe rescue of this little one.   Time continued to pass with no solution, no activity in sight.   Finally, a reporter, watching behind the lens of a camera in hopes of recording the rescue, could take it no longer.   Without hesitation he set down his camera,   gently stepped  into the cavern, moved swiftly over the dead bodies, snatched the helpless little boy into his arms and emerged from the dark  hole, the mission instantly accomplished .  All this took place  much to the surprise and chagrin of the experts who were still contemplating a plan.

How many times have I missed an opportunity to serve, to help, to do something significant, because I did not feel qualified enough, smart enough, educated enough, experienced enough, and on the list could go.  Shame on me. God doesn’t need me.   He chooses the weak things of this world to confound the mighty, the foolish things to shame the wise. Why do I worry so much about my credentials when there is a job to be done and God has given me everything I need to do it?

Dear God, save me from the danger of being an expert!  May I roll up my sleeves, jump in, and get the job done, for Your glory…

About Deb Ashley

At home, Deb is the wife of Mark and mom of three adult children. She enjoys cooking, taking care of a small but somewhat productive garden, feeding the local community of birds and other assorted critters, and taking naps with her dog Mandy. Her passions include teaching, writing and music. In the community, Deb enjoys working alongside her husband in his role as a pastor. She is involved in teaching and encouraging women from all walks of life through book studies, counseling, and speaking opportunities.
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